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I’ve been away the last three weeks and for a very good reason! I was back home visiting my family and I needed some time to recover from that trip to say the least.

I can only resume the current situation of Caracas, and maybe the entire country, as a dystopia. Two realities merge in Caracas, the reality of those who are struggling and those who are at ease, mostly government related people.

Are you prepared for a surreal reality? I’ll tell here things as I saw them.

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Lisbon, capital of Portugal is one of the oldest cities in the world. I had the great pleasure to visit this city in January and what shocked me the most was the absence of heating in the houses.

I’m not fan of zoos or aquariums but I really liked the Oceanarium. The admission fee is about 16€ for an adult and 10€ for children. It has more than five million litres of sea water and supports the life of more than seven thousands creatures. It is huge and impressive and they rise awareness on how to preserve threatened species and protecting marine biodiversity. I spent around four hours and I was blown by the beauty of nature and I got to see some cute sea otters holding hands (sooo cute).

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IMAG0628I will always be seduced by this city where I lived for 2 years. I used to study here and I had the greatest time. Montpellier is located in the south of France, it has very hot summers and sweet winters. Snow in winter here is very rare but it has occurred.

The old town, also known as “l’écusson” (the shield) is full of narrow streets that show the historical patrimony of this city and its middle ages roots.

Can you see the shield-like shape?

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