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To my friend Bee


This weekend you decide to say yes to a man, to share the rest of your life and if anyone believe in soul mates should be you because he IS your soul mate.

To “Marry you” of Bruno Mars you two entered the room as newlyweds and the happiness was in the air. Seeing your eyes so full of joy and love and your now husband seeing you in the same lovefull way made me think that love and soul mates really do exist.

Bee I wish you happiness, because after all you’ve been through you deserve to be happy and at peace, finally. You deserve a loving husband, devoted as he is to you.

Remember what the Bible says about love : “Love never fails”. I wish you the best little girl to you and your husband, and the children to come you are an amazing friend, a beautiful woman (inside and outside), a loving caring and brave person and a role model.

Everyone present at your wedding pointed out, you deserve this. Keep smiling and loving life the way you do.

Lots of love


I just want to travel around the world

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