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My true love

Who I think is my true love, was not my first love or my second. But he was the one that I let go away. It is hard for me to write this post because I know that it is a way to say to him that I still love him as much as I did years ago, and honestly, I don’t know what would be his reaction to that confession

Peter was not the hottest guy around (but in my eyes, he was). It wasn’t his looks that made me fell inlove with him which is why I think I fell even harder, I fell inlove with who he is, inside.

We use to do everything together, spent the entire day together, eat together, go to school together, sit next to each other, sleep together. We were the same for so long. When we were done with school, I used to wait for him at the bus station and get back home together talking about our days and laughing and enjoying the very best of our love.

We used to go to gigs, travel around the world, he used to make me feel special and loved. And now all I have left is the memories.

But there was something about Peter, even if I knew he loved me very much, we used to do everything together, he never, ever kissed me. I was never his girlfriend and that made me crazy and hurt a lot.


I just want to travel around the world

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