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Athens is better to be visited at the end of the summer if you want to enjoy some heat but not-so-much so September is, I think, the best month. I went a little late, in October and even if I don’t regret this choice, I would enjoy more of the beach with some hotter weather.

What I visited

I think it is a must to visit the Acropolis. Bring some water and some comfortable shoes (I’m serious about this point, I went in flip flops and I regret that decision) and prepare yourself to enjoy some ruins. I was specially mesmerized by the Odeon of Herodes and the Parthenon and to think that these constructions are more than two thousand years old! How incredible is that? Plus the view is great from there.

If you are interested in some history this place is really great and I had the luck to enter for free. It holds treasures from Bronze Age until the WWII it has jewelry, art and clothes from different periods

The Temple of Zeus is a very impressive construction with columns that go as high as 17m (over 55 ft), if at the Acropolis you buy the 30€ entrance the ticket allows you to enter here too.

Other treasures I found in this ancient city are Hadrian’s arch, the ancient Agora, The national garden, close to the Syntagma square, the Parliament, the subway and the Plaka district.

Where I ate

Falafellas… every time I think about this spot I want to go back to Athens in order to eat a falafel sandwich I stopped there to eat at least twice. It is a to-go place so don’t expect a place to sit other than the bench on the street but the food is so good…

To Paradosiako: Again I ate at this spot twice, the food is good, cheap and you eat A LOT. The local beer is also cheap and you can enjoy it at an outdoor table.

Where I stayed

I tested 3 different places.

The first 2 nights I stayed at a very centric hotel the “Hotel Solomu” very interesting prices, and even more interesting location the lady at the reception may seem unfriendly but she is awesome and willing to help at any time.

Later I moved to a five stars hotel, the “Metropolitan Hotel”, that I did not liked, maybe I had higher expectations but for the price I paid I expected to be much better than it was. I wanted to treat myself with a fancy massage and it was way too deceiving. It is a shame. I don’t recommend this hotel

Finally I spent the last night at an apartment, and to be honest this was the best night of it all. It was at Olga Apartments and I really recommend this. The host was nice, the apartment clean and I had everything I needed, the subway station is only a block away and you have access to all the facilities in the apartment.

What I loved

  • Athens Fish Spa Massage and Hammam, if you want a real massage go book here it is in Plaka so you can go eat a Falafel at Falafellas after.
  • Eating gyros at the base of the acropolis


I just want to travel around the world

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