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I’ve been away the last three weeks and for a very good reason! I was back home visiting my family and I needed some time to recover from that trip to say the least.

I can only resume the current situation of Caracas, and maybe the entire country, as a dystopia. Two realities merge in Caracas, the reality of those who are struggling and those who are at ease, mostly government related people.

Are you prepared for a surreal reality? I’ll tell here things as I saw them.


Water is available only twice a week so people need water tanks to store the precious substance. For those who cannot have water tank, the use of buckets is an obligation. Can you imagine how unhealthy this situation can become in a tropical area (think about mosquitoes and all the diseases transmitted by them) a video has been posted on Instagram making fun of this situation. The video shows a girl who arrives to Venezuela and when she wants to drink a glass of water she says “Hey Samuel, there is no water” but in fact… that’s in fact the pressure when water arrives to homes. So you can see everybody going nuts because the water just arrived.


Food is indeed another critical subject. For the average person everything is expensive and you have to choose weather you take rice or spaghetti because you cannot take both. Long lines outside bakeries to buy some bread why? well, all the wheat consummed in Venezuela is imported and the inflation is of, wait for it, 200,000% (this year). In the next picture you see my uncle holding lots and lots of money, and guess what, we could not even buy a cup of coffee with all that, in the video you see all those 1000’s bills and you cannot buy a candy with all of it




All I have to say about this is that I had 300€ worth on medicines for my uncle and my grand mother for the next 6 months because they have a hard time finding the medicines there or it is too expensive for them to buy it.

The other side

On the other side, I could see how people, somehow linked to the government, drinked black label, ate in expensive restaurants and the president eating in Nusr-Et or one of “Salt bae”‘s restaurant.

After all the misery I’ve seen, I feel bad for even taking a shower. This thing were not told to me, I lived them, I was there.

Thanks for reading.



I just want to travel around the world

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