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My cousin

When I was a child a lot of people hurt me very bad, but I found a very good friend that still today has my back no matter what.

I found easier to talk about the people who hurt me, but I want you to know too the ones that were kind and caring. My second cousin is until this day my best friend. When we were kids we used to talk on the phone for hours, we even watched tv shows with each other on the phone so we could react to it live.

Every family reunion we were together sharing laughs. He is one of the nicest person I know, he is funny, kind and hard worker. He can talk about his job for hours, explaining to me what he does and how he does it that’s about how passionate he feels about it.

We love each other very much and we talk on a daily basis, sending each other funny stuff most of the time.

He used to go to summer camp every year, he went to Canada, USA, Europe… and when he came back he had all this stories to tell me about the foreign countries he visited.


This is when I started wanting to be a stewardess, fly away, know other cultures. I dreamed about living in Paris (never knowing that one day I could finally met that goal) and when he came to Paris he bought all he could for me.

When I was a teenager I started cutting my arms and legs and I was able to stop this self-harm thanks to him, his patience and love. He used to look inside my purse for blades or anything I could use to do harm.

Three years ago, when he finished school he came to live with me and we had a blast. I introduce him to League of Legends and we used to play together so much always having a few drinks. He comes visiting very often and I will be talking about him in some future posts so I thought it would be nice for you to know a little more about him.


I just want to travel around the world

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