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Lisbon, capital of Portugal is one of the oldest cities in the world. I had the great pleasure to visit this city in January and what shocked me the most was the absence of heating in the houses.

I’m not fan of zoos or aquariums but I really liked the Oceanarium. The admission fee is about 16€ for an adult and 10€ for children. It has more than five million litres of sea water and supports the life of more than seven thousands creatures. It is huge and impressive and they rise awareness on how to preserve threatened species and protecting marine biodiversity. I spent around four hours and I was blown by the beauty of nature and I got to see some cute sea otters holding hands (sooo cute).

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I also visited the Alfama and I can say if you are not taking the tramway, wear some comfortable shoes because it is uphill, the narrow, cobblestone streets are a treat to visit and take pictures of and you can walk up to St George’s castle and enjoy the breathtaken views from up there.

This castle is on the highest hill in the alfama and it consist of the castle itself, the ruins of the royal palace, gardens and a large terrace where you can ejoy the view.

The fortification, built by the Moors in the mid-11th century, was the last defensive stronghold for the elite who resided on the citadel: the Moorish governor whose palace was nearby, and the elite city administrators whose homes are visible today in the Archaeological Site.

Another high point in Lisbon is the Santa Justa elevator with its neo-gothic style it is a MUST. It has more than one hundred years and from the top you can see the St Georges Castle

ancient architecture attraction belem tower
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The Belem’s tower is another must in your trip it seems like a mini castle floating on the shore of Tagus it is a UNESCO world heritage site. The tower was built in the early 16th century and it was meant to be a defense point at the entrance of the city.

In a walking distance from there you can visit the monument  to the discoveries, a statue shaped like a sail lined with notable Portuguese figures throughout history, including navigators, artists and King Manuel. While in the area please do not forget to pass by “Pasteleria Belem” and eat the “pastéis de belem” a portuguese egg tart pastry.

Last but no least I loved the visit to the Sanctuary of Christ the king which made me think a lot of the one in Rio de Janeiro.




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